What are the Latest Technologies for a Smart Bathroom

Smart Bathroom

On a recent trip to Japan, I realized how technologically conservative the rest of the world is. Most of Asia has embraced the onset of smart technology and they are integrating it into their lives through smart homes. Don’t worry the robots haven’t taken over just yet, but there is … Read more

7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient

Solar Water Heater Tank Header

Let me paint a picture and you let me know if this sounds familiar. So you’re having a great day, enjoying breakfast with your family, sifting through your mail; then all of a sudden you get to your energy bill… Need I say more? No one likes getting a large energy … Read more

Is a Waterless Urinal at Home a Good Idea?

Zero Flush Toilet

I recently wanted to install a waterless urinal at my house but was unsure if it was a good idea what the benefits were or if there was a downside. So I did a little research bought my own urinal and was actually surprised at some of the results. So … Read more

How to Use a Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Kitchen Knives

It may seem obvious at first glance, until you actually go to try the first time that is. Then you start to doubt yourself.  Am I holding it right?  Should I move the knife like a saw or just tip to heel?  Or should that be heel to tip?  Does … Read more

Redesign Your Life

Design Your Life

Welcome to Weird by Design your go to resource for things a little special. We at Weird by Design know most of us live our lives constrained by time. We jump out of bed. Grab a quick shower and bite to eat. Give the kids and our partner a peck … Read more