Beer Savers – Silicone Caps


Just popped one when the missus comes a yellin’ – keep it fresh with this silicone cap and find it later in the dark.

Brightly Colored Silicone Rubber Beer Saver Bottle Caps

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Multi-coloured beer savers are durable, stretchy moulded beer bottle caps to help keep beer fresh after opening.
They make a great gift for emergencies when the party fails to gain momentum and you want to save those opened undrunk beers.  Or if you get caught out having just opened one and need to keep it while you deal with the emergency.

A great gift for Xmas and pretty useful for home brewers can use them to keep the bottle tops clean after sterilising and before bottling.

Also available are glow in the dark caps so you can get jiggy and still keep your beer fresh for after.

Made of food-safe silicone and fits most standard beer bottles.

If you are a beer bottle cap collector who wants caps removed without damage you might consider buying a magnetic bottle cap remover

Dishwasher safe (that’s a relief) and reusable

Come in multi-coloured sets of six (Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple).

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Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Save Brands Beer Savers Silicone Rubber Bottle Cap

  • Keeps your beer or other drinks fizzy.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Beautifully coloured – mark your bottle at parties.
  • Won’t break because it’s made from silicone.
  • Good gift who can’t someone who drives a lot.

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