Anti Sweat Thermos


You may be working up a sweat at the gym but your ice cold water bottle should not be condensing everywhere so get this.

Coldest Water Bottle – Keeps Stuff Hot Too

The Coldest Water Bottle is ultimately a thermos.  It’s not a thermos like you’ve seen before though!

Like every thermos on the planet, it’s a container within a container. Unlike quite a few similar thermic (cool plural huh?), the space in between is a vacuum and it’s made from premium stainless steel.

It holds about a pint and a half, which is quite a lot of water but strangely not a lot if you drink beer.  But we digress.  There is also a smaller 1-pint version.

The best thing we think is that it will not dribble water while you are not looking at it condenses on the outside.  That is a boon for office desks, hikers and backpackers who stuff them inside their bags and golfers.  It promises to keep the water very cold for a very long time and your soup hot for most of the day – just not together!

Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Coldest Water Bottle

  • It keeps your water cold for up to 32 hours!
  • It doesn’t drip water because it doesn’t condense on the outside.
  • Good bottle for travelling, working in an office etc.
  • Its size is suitable for packing and the material used has maximum quality and is very strong.
  • Easy to clean.

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