Ecology Smart Notebook


Doodle away your darkest dreams safe knowing they can be uploaded to the cloud and erased from sight. Then do it all again

Smart Notebook – Tree-free, Write Normally, Rewritable, Uploadable to the Cloud

The amazing smart notebook you can write normally in and then upload your notes to Dropbox, Evernote or several other cloud services.

Not only that but you can then slap the Elfin 2.0 Smart Notebook in the Microwave to erase everything, and ready for another set of notes.

Not only that but the Smart Notebook is one hard-nosed cookie, being made of stone instead of trees!!!!!

Truly astounding technology and a bunch of features to satisfy most people right there.

From a design perspective, the notebook could look a little prettier.  That said, the majority of the notebooks in use are likely similar in style.  Hopefully, if the product sells well then there will be some more aesthetic options to come.

Astoundingly, each page can be written on and erased 500 times – which is pretty amazing.



Of particular note is that the book is not made of paper – well not paper from trees anyway – which means that from an ecological point of view it is a hit.
If we can be laying our roads in waste plastic and notebooks in stone then the world might be a better place after all.

Written in stone may soon be an idiom of the past!

Main features

  • 50 sheets of paper in the smart notebook – no problem if you can keep erasing everything and starting again.
  • Uses a particular type of pen – one supplied
  • Can erase with wet wipes – ensure enough left for the baby
  • Can erase with rubbers – better make sure there’s one …… oh never mind

You really need to check this out!  And what a great present for someone!!

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