Sexy Art Deco Light


Art Deco Style bedside warm glow light to set the mood – or change the bulb and be able to read.  Depends on your habit I guess.

Sexy Art Deco Vintage Desk Light

This vintage style Art Deco Light beside your bed will show you have class!  Did you know Art Deco is a design style originating from the beginning of the last century, around when your Grandad was born?   So if you want to show some style then this bedside light is a goer.  And we don’t mean Grandad’s style either.

Not only is it stylish but, if reviews are anything to go by, it is pretty well made too.  There are nearly 1000 questions and answers over at Amazon so any doubts you have will probably turn up in those if you have a day or three to read them.

Anyway, the light looks great and the warm, fuzzy glow looks to really set for a sexy atmosphere.  If you are buying as a Christmas gift for Dad or Mom you might want to change the light bulb for one of those bright white, low voltage modern bulbs. It will completely spoil the effect and ensure your parents don’t get up to no good as payback for your youth surreptitiously.

Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Surpars House Vintage Desk Lamp

  • Easy to replace the bulb if needed.
  • Art deco, vintage design.
  • Creates a romantic mood.
  • The durability is high.
  • Goes perfectly in any room and atmosphere.

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