Book Page Holder


If you like reading in weird positions then this is just the idea.  Good to go with a splint on your thumb.

Thumb Thing Thumb Splint

If you like to read, you must have the Thumb Thing!  It’s like a splint on your thumb even when your thumb is fine.

This astounding idea is for those who need to keep the pages open with one hand leaving the other free to ….. well, do whatever is needed.  Also good for one-handed people or those that read with the book held over their head.

It comes in large, medium and small size – depending only on the size of your thumb.  The Thumb Thing really comes into its own as a perfect gift for travellers or a Christmas gift for commuters.  Your commuter friends will love that they can stand on the bus or train and read with one hand whilst the other hand is free to grope the pole or anything.

Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Thumb Thing Book Page Holder

  • You will only need one hand to read a book and the book will be easy to read because it’s wide open.
  • Easy to use because all you need is a thumb.
  • Good gift for someone who lost one of their arms and people who love to read.
  • You can multi-task with the other hand so you have a free hand while reading.
  • Thumb Thing comes in many different sizes

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